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About Synplant

Syn­plant is a soft­ware syn­thes­izer with a ge­net­ic ap­proach to sound cre­ation. In­stead of cre­at­ing patches the con­ven­tion­al way by turn­ing di­als and knobs, Syn­plant lets you ex­plore a world of or­gan­ic sounds by plant­ing seeds that grow in­to synth patches.

Audio Demos

  • Stratos by Airborn
  • Lonely Moon by jethrobull
  • Dirty Slip by Tore Jarlo
  • Sepia Kite by teadrinker
  • RuckZak by Sonic Charge
  • Nest In The Synplant by Hint
  • Plantagen Groove by Jonson
  • Warm Saturation by teadrinker
  • Synplant Mohito by Sonic Charge
  • The Scare by Wise Fox

Grow, Mutate, Create

The pur­pose of this product is to move fo­cus away from the some­times in­tric­ate and dif­fi­cult pro­cess of sound syn­thes­is and in­stead let you de­vel­op sounds by simply us­ing your ears. You will find that cre­at­ing synth patches with Syn­plant will be as easy as listen­ing and de­cid­ing what you like and then hav­ing the sounds evolve in the dir­ec­tions you de­sire.

Once you are ready to get your hands dirty and dig deep­er in­to the ana­tomy of Syn­plant you will have the op­tion to crack open your sound seeds and modi­fy their un­der­ly­ing ge­net­ic code.

Al­though Syn­plant is ex­ceed­ingly easy to use, whatever you do, do not let its re­l­at­ive sim­pli­city fool you. Be­neath its straight­for­ward and play­ful in­ter­face you will find a ver­sat­ile syn­thes­izer of the ut­most qual­ity with lots of char­ac­ter.

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Try it

For evaluation purposes you are allowed to try Synplant for up to three weeks. The trial begins the first time you open Synplant in your host sequencer. Synplant then only subtracts a week from the trial time if you actually used it that week.

Synplant is a plug-in that require a host application that supports VST 2.4, VST3, or Audio Unit 2 plug-ins. If you do not have a host application you can still try it out in a free host. Read more

Buy it

Purchasing Synplant allows you to use it fully and gives you free support and service upgrades. Registration keys are personal and are delivered by e-mail to the buyer after the order has been placed.

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