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  • Iuri Côrte-Real (CORE)

    I'm getting some saved money together to buy Synplant.

    The thing I'm most worried about is that it seems that Synplant 2 is closer than ever!
    Will it be a free update to those who bought Synplant or should I wait to buy Synplant 2?

    Thank You for your awesome plugin! (been "demo-ing" and it's definitely a game-changer)

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Hey. I hope that "closer than ever" is true, but a lot of times we have gone backwards in the Synplant 2 project. Five years ago I would not have imagined that we would still be working on it in 2017. 😊

    I would not wait if I were you because I couldn't tell you how long the wait would be. We try to make sure that our customers never feel that they should have waited with a purchase. That's one of the reasons we almost never do sales and our product prices don't go down (but rather up) over the years. All our product updates have also been free so far. If we would decide to start doing paid upgrades, we would definitely have a fair upgrade policy and reasonable upgrade fees.

  • Larry Ortega

    Any news on Synplant 2 . . . . this plugin is just amazing . . :)

  • nic

    don't trust 'em on synplant 2 Larry..... :-(

  • Magnus Lidström

    Oh no, do trust us when we say that we don't know when Synplant 2 will be finished. :D

    The story of Synplant 2 is actually that one of us (won't say who) mistakingly revealed that we were working on a version 2 of Synplant on some forum. This was maany years ago. Then came the 64-bit update craze and for a while Synplant v2 and 64-bit Synplant became synonymous, even from our side, so everyone was knocking on our door for Synplant v2 so they could run it in 64-bit Logic etc.

    After we decided that version 2 and 64-bit had nothing to do with each other and updated Synplant v1 (and the rest of our product line) to 64-bit we went back to working on many different projects, including entirely new products.

    We do still work on Synplant 2, I estimate around 1/4 of our time. But it is the toughest project to date by far. It just needs a lot of time and thought. Synplant is such a different and beautiful synth. We have an obligation to make an upgrade that matters.

  • Beepsonore Beep

    Une petite news au moin?pleaaaaase

  • Beepsonore Beep


  • Matthias Klein

    Hi all,
    I love Synplant and I hope truely for a version 2. Maybe with defineable Envelopes, Multi-Channel-Outs (imagine the possibilities - that would be the greatest thing for me, to further put the voices e.g. on a granular efx-plugin or some other efx like bucket brigade delays, reverbs and so on), a Mod-Matrix and such comfort stuff.

    But I also have to say that Synplant (1) is such an amazing synth which surprises me again and again that I don´t think I am in a real "need" for a second version. So please take all the time which is necessary to make SP2 the monster-synth I sense it could become one day after its metamorphosis :)

    Thank you for making such a great thing anyway / Cheers

  • Aaron Urbanski

    can i be the annoying user who requests an update on synplant 2? (it seems so)

  • Dave

    pocket operator synplant in the works too?

  • Michael Schirmer

    Any news? Can I be a little bit excited for the new synth or is it far far away?

    I really really hope for this plugin very soon (before april 2020)


  • Brendan Donovan

    Gatsby believed in the green light, just as I still believe... in Synplant 2...

    Synplant was the first synth i bought and it's still the one I use most. The day Synplant 2 comes out will be a joyous one. Is there any hint of an update on its progress? Bless you mad scientists over there at Sonic Charge.

  • New Loops

    Want v2! :)

  • steffen kläner

    Automation in synplant 2 would be worth paying the full price again.

  • New Loops

    - steffen kläner wrote:
    Automation in synplant 2 would be worth paying the full price again.


  • Roger Ribas

    I would like to know how is the progress on Synplant 2, for me this is the most anticipated synth update! 🌿💗

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