Microtonic Scripts SDK

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  • Magnus Lidström

    Hi hackers. I finally compiled all the documentation and tools necessary for creating Microtonic scripts and put it up on github: https://github.com/malstrom72/microtonic-scripts-sdk

    Beware, it's a pretty convoluted and massive framework that I've been chiseling on for many years. If I could do it all over again, I would simplify things, but that's what everyone says, right? 😉

    If you are interested in making scripts for Microtonic, obviously, the best way to get started would not be to create something from scratch but rather to understand and copy one of the scripts we have already published and use that as a starting point. Heck, that's even how I do it myself. 😀

    To be honest, I don't know if anyone except my brother and me will have much use for all of this, but it was good exercise anyhow.

    Let me hear your thoughts.

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