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  • sf lex

    I'm confused as to whether or not Patternarium is an endless randomizer or just a collection of 1,000 random patches. I've listened to the 1,000 patches. Now do I just wait for another "generation"? Or is it different everyday?

  • Manuel Senfft

    Not quite sure, but I guess it's a limited amount of random generated presets, based on previous generations and votes.

  • Fredrik Lidström

    Each generation has 1000 patterns. The reason why the generations are created months apart is because Patternarium needs to collect enough votes on every pattern before a new generation can be made.

    You can not vote on an old generation, but you can go back and listen to all patterns. This effectively gives you access to a total of 28 000 patterns. You can navigate generations up and down by clicking the ascendants and descendants links in the info panel, or with direct URLs.

    Also check out the top lists if you have not done so already.

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