Permut8 Official Firmwares invalid data format

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  • Shamik Ganguly

    Hello! I bought Permut8 in September of last year (2019) and it has been a great creative tool. Thank you so much!

    I have been using the Official Firmwares and Permut8 v1 firmware packs successfully. However, this year I re-downloaded the Official Firmwares installer to check to see if there were new official firmwares available, and after I ran the installer, the Official Firmwares stopped working. The error message is "The operation could not be performed due to the error: Invalid data format (unsupported version?)". A screenshot is attached. The Permut8 v1 firmwares still work fine.

    It seems like the new versions of the Official Firmware that got installed are incompatible with my Permut8 install. I tried redownloading the Permut8 installer and reinstalling, but it didn't help.

    If there is a way I can reinstall the old versions of the Official Firmwares that might fix my problem! Is there an archived version I can have? I couldn't find one. Any help would be appreciated!




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