notes sticking in Bitwig using Roli Seaboard

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  • Greg Killmaster

    I have a similar issue but its using my Roli Seaboard. The notes stick and hold and the only way for me to stop it is to remove the plugin from my host (Bitwig). The keyboard is not in MPE mode. Just normal single channel mode.

  • Greg Killmaster


  • Joey Luck

    Is it a full Roli Seaboard (such as Rise or Grand) or with a Seaboard Block? Is it via USB or Bluetooth? I can try to help test this later this week when I'm back at home with my Seaboard Block.

    One thing I have encountered is stuck notes with other things such as Equator. And I think I've deduced that it's while also having the Blocks Dashboard app open on macOS. I have to hit the MIDI panic button on Equator to unstick the notes (sometimes they would release when replaying the same stuck notes).

    I've had a few issues over Bluetooth, with Reason sometimes claiming MIDI overflow even when the Block is in single channel mode. And other times it's fine.

  • Greg Killmaster

    Thanks Joey! Its a Seaboard RISE 49, using it with USB. I have a couple other keyboards but it only does this on the RISE.

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